Tips for Donating Blood

If you’re nervous about donating blood, make sure to let our team of professionals know. Since we’re at blood drives all day every day, we have quite a few tips and tricks to make sure your donation goes as smoothly as possible!


We want you to feel great after you’ve donated. Prior to your donation:

drink waterDrink plenty of fluids the night before and leading up to your donation - hydration is key to a positive experience.

eat good mealEat a good meal - do not donate on an empty stomach.

add more saltIncorporate a bit more salt in your meals and snacks on the day of your donation

plenty of restGet plenty of rest prior to your donation.


Four basic steps make up blood donation:

Registration. Donors will provide their information, signed Parental/guardian  permission form if necessary, and identification. 

History Screening. Donors will complete a series of health and lifestyle questions and receive a mini-physical to check temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and hemoglobin level.

Donation. Collecting a unit of blood - about one pint -  takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Donors may feel a slight pinch for a few seconds, but that is it!

Snacks. After the donation, donors will rest in the snack area and enjoy refreshments.


Quick Donation Tips!

Distraction is key to preventing panic during the blood donation process. Here a few quick tips to keep your mind on something else, making the donation process quick and easy!

Applied Muscle Tension

Applied Muscle Tension

Just before the needle is inserted, begin tightening and relaxing your main muscle groups. Tense your stomach, butt, thighs, calves, feet, and toes one group at at time for five seconds before moving on to the next area. Repeat during the duration of your donation!

Leg Lifts
Leg Lifts

If you’re more of a fidgeter, feel free to do leg lifts! Raise one leg about a foot above the donor bed, count to five, then replace your leg and raise the other.

take a selife
Take a Selfie!
We love seeing #LifeServer selfies! Feel free to snap pictures while you’re in the donor bed. Our team members can also act as photographers, if you’d like a non-selfie! We can also provide phlebotomists or your bag of blood for your Insta-worthy snap.
scroll through social
Scroll Through Social
Phones are marvelous things! Feel free to scroll through Facebook, check email, or message your bae during your donation. Don’t worry – we aren’t offended! As long as you’re able to squeeze the stress ball when we ask, we have no problem with you being on your phone.
Old Fashioned Conversation
We love chatting with donors! Let us know how your day is going, what you have going on the rest of the day, your favorite movie, or anything! Our blood drive team is out and about in communities because we love connecting with folks!