HemaConnect Instructions


Click here to access your chairperson portal.

Login:  requires unique username and password. 

Username : Emailed to you by your Territory Representative

Password : Emailed to you by your Territory Representative

To view the schedule:

Click on the section titled My Drives

Click on the words (Schedule) on the right side on the same row as date of drive

chair home

The drive overview is at the top of the page followed the following options

chair options

Drive Link – copy and paste the link to the schedule

Printable Schedule

Schedule a Walk-in – you can schedule a walk-in now!

Select Drive PDF – Poster Template – looks best in color

To schedule a donor to an appointment

Step #1 – Select a time that shows an available appointment (Note there are separate tabs for the whole blood and double red cell appointments).

schedule time

Step #2 – Start entering the name of donor in the Schedule an Existing Donor or Prospect field. If the donor exist in your list the name should appear as you type.  Less information will produce broader results

schedule donor prospect

Step #3 – If their name does not appear click on Schedule a New Prospect and enter information

E-Mail Memos

Click on My Marketing

chair home

Step #1

Click on New Email

Select a sponsor from the drop down

Check the box for the date of the drive you are promoting

Then click on the red Next Step button

chair drive marketing

Step #2 Select a Design Template

Click on the word select next to the title of the message you want to send. You can preview the message by selecting the magnifying glass.

Step #3 Select a Target

Click on the circle before all available donors and prospects and leave the Extra Filter box checked as is to email all eligible donors of all blood types.

drive marketing

Step #4 Design your Message

The message will populate in an edit wizard, make any changes to your message here and choose next step.

Step #5 Preview and Schedule

You can preview the email with graphic by choosing click to preview.  The list of target for this email is available and printable by clicking the word details. You can also schedule the email to deliver at a later time/date.  Click the red submit email to send. 

The system queue the message and send. To see if the email has been sent you can click back to drive marketing then choose Email Results.  Status will show for the email and if you click on details you can see the results of each individual recipient email.