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Traci, a life saved
Following what seemed to be a normal delivery of her first child, Traci developed complications and began hemorrhaging post-delivery...
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Jerry, a life saved
In 2008, Lt. Col. Jerry Self thought he had come down with the flu. After finding himself unable to get out of bed for three days, he visited his doctor and learned the shocking truth...
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Carson, a life saved
Carson was an energetic 8-year-old nearing the end of the second grade when he found a bump under his chin. After multiple trips to the pediatrician, several examinations, antibiotics, and blood tests, Carson...
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Tell us about yourself, and we'll tell you what we urgently need. Don't know your blood type? No problem! Schedule your life-saving appointment and we'll find the best donation type for you.

Your blood type is:
AB +
27 yrs

We need your
Double Red Cells, Platelets

  • 2 day supply of Double Red Blood Cells
  • 2-3 day supply of Platelets
  • 3 day supply of Plasma
  • 4 day supply of Whole Blood

Current Blood Needs

critical needs:

We currently have less than a 2 day supply of these blood types.

urgent needs:

2-3 day supply

  • O+
  • B+
  • O-
general needs:

4-5 day supply

  • AB-
  • AB+
  • A+
  • B-
  • A-

What happens to the blood I donate?

The first stop your precious donation makes is to LifeServe Blood Center's state-of-the-art laboratory. Every unit of blood collected is subject to 15 different tests before it is given to any patient.
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Sponsor a blood drive

Arrange a donor event at your office, school or church. We'll help you plan the event and make sure it is a success.
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Saving Lives In Our Area

Serving over 120 hospitals in
Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota
Donating in:
Hartington, NE
26 people registered to save lives at the July community blood drive, saving the lives of 87 local hospital patients!
What is a community blood center?
LifeServe is a non-profit community blood center. We are the sole provider of blood to more than 120 hospitals in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota!
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