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Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your selfless donation ? My daughter has cancer (Leukemia) and has needed blood and blood products often during the course of her treatment. It literally saves her life each time. Thank you for thinking of others, I definitely wish the best of health, success, and happiness to you forever and always for helping our sweet daughter.
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much for your blood donation. It helps give me more energy for my fight against AML. I am a fourteen year old that loves all star cheerleading. I have a week at home in between aggressive chemotherapy and came in to the clinic today to receive blood. This will help me enjoy the couple of days that I have at home prior to starting inpatient chemotherapy again. Your donation assisted with my fight, thank you!
Mikayla Rietgraf Mikayla Rietgraf Huxley, IA
Mikayla Rietgraf was diagnosed with stage lV Ewings Sarcoma cancer when she was just 8 years old. She underwent chemotherapy treatments for one year, spending over 80 days in the hospital. Following each treatment, Mikayla received units of blood and platelets which helped her to survive. Today, Mikalya is in remission thanks to many generous blood donors who selflessly gave of themselves to help others in need.
Austin Rodriguez Austin Rodriguez Sioux City, IA
In 1997 at just thirteen years old, Austin was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two malignant brain tumors required multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. The intense treatment regimen was brutal. “I'd be constantly getting transfusions. There was probably about a month where none of the blood was mine,” Austin said. “It was all transfused blood.”
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much for donating blood. My mom is now feeling better after having a life threatening low hemoglobin on her journey with ovarian cancer. Thank you!
Anonymous Anonymous
After having an emergency C-section I'm so glad your generosity could help me get back to normal to be with my baby!
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much for the gift of life. This is the 4th transfusion I’ve received this month due to a form of unknown severe chronic anemia, I’ve had a lot of tests ran to find out what my diagnosis is & receiving blood each week has been helping me be able to continue working full time & keeping up with my teenage daughter. My birthday is tomorrow & I can’t thank you enough for probably the best gift I will have received to start off my 38th year of life. God Bless You & thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!
Kaylee Nehring Kaylee Nehring Des Moines, IA
Words can never express how thankful we are for the loving person who took the time to donate a part of themselves for someone they would never meet. Blood donation saved our child’s life and changed ours for the better.
Megan Jameson Megan Jameson Des Moines, IA
Megan’s story began in November 2014 when she was 23 weeks pregnant. She was rushed to the emergency room with spontaneous bleeding. Hospital staff told Megan and her husband that labor was beyond the point of no return and their son was too young to survive outside the womb. A few days later Megan woke up with more bleeding. Back in the emergency room, doctors determined she had a rare uterine malformation that caused life-threatening massive bleeding. Megan received multiple units of red cells, platelets and plasma. I would like to say to the people who donate blood thank you. I wouldn’t be alive without you.
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much of your gift of blood. My father was in a motorcycle accident and needed lots of blood in his surgery. Without you, he would not have lived. We truly appreciate what you did and hope you continue to do it.