Blood Types

A+, B-, AB+, O-… they’re not just letters and symbols. Blood types are a very important part of each and every one of us!

A blood type explains what kind of blood we have. You may be familiar with the eight major blood types in the ABO blood group system: A+, A-, O+, O-, B+, B-, AB+, and AB-. A, B, and AB are all factors that can be present in your blood. While there are four types, there are only actually two antigens involved: A and B! AB blood means that person has both the A and the B antigens. An O blood type means that someone has neither the A or B antigens in their blood.  Your blood type is something genetically passed down to you from your parents, like your eye and hair color!

Where do the positive and negative signs come in? That’s the Rh (Rhesus) factor. The Rh protein is another indicator whether blood will be compatible between a donor and a recipient. Rh+ transfusions can only be received by Rh+ recipients. Rh- transfusions can be received by anyone.

Let’s learn more about your blood type!