Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Hospital Resource Guide please contact:

Rachael Muhs
Technical Services Supervisor
800.798.4208, ext. 4947

 Questions Regarding Blood Product Orders
Des Moines (Central Iowa)  515-244-2927
Sioux City (West Iowa)         712-252-3877
Mason City (North Iowa)      877-565-1238
Waterloo (East Iowa)            866-606-6591
Omaha (Nebraska)               515-309-4959

Emergency Cell Number

Inventory Coordinator:
Deb Johnson                        515-309-4833

Medical Department
Blood Bank Consultation     515-309-4840

Medical Procedures
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange or Cellular Therapy

Physician Ordered Donation (Auto/Directed) 

Director of Hospital Services
Abby Huntrods                     515-309-4822

Schedule a Donation