Platelet Donation

Platelet EligA platelet donation is a procedure where only the platelet and/or white blood cells are collected via a cell separating machine. The remaining blood components (red blood cells and plasma) are returned to the donor during the donation. Platelet donations are used primarily in cancer and leukemia patients, as well as transplant recipients, burn patients, and patients suffering from bleeding disorders.

Donating platelets typically takes two hours. Male platelet donors must be at least 16 years old (with a signed parental/guardian consent form for donors under the age of 18) or older and females must be 18 or older. Eligible platelet donors must weigh at least 120 pounds and be in general good health. 

Platelet donors can donate every two weeks, up to 24 times per year.


Shout to our 2023 High Platelet Donors! The maximum times a donor is able to donate is 24, which averages out to to about twice a month! These donors below have donated platelets 20 or more times during the 2023 year. They deserve a round of applause! 

Tina W Mason City (20) | Jedediah B Knoxville (20) | Andrew J West Des Moines (20) | Jeffrey S Colo (20) | George S Des Moines (20) | Otto B Marshalltown (20) | Francis G Remsen (20) | Ernest N Hinton (20) | Dennis R Sioux Center (20) | Gary M Fort Dodge (20) | Mark D Altoona (20) | Craig M Adel  (20) | Carol N Grimes (21) | Duane Z Ellsworth (21) | Patrick W Ankeny (21) | Julie G Marshalltown (21) | Steven F Forest City (21) | Zachary T Mason City (21) | Robert S Des Moines (21) | Philip B Des Moines (21) | Brian M Des Moines (21) | Robert P Akron (21) | William P Des Moines (21) | Joshua L Pleasant Hill (21) | Daniel S West Des Moines (21) | Dean B Ames (22) | Patrick T Ames (22) | Michael R Boone (22) | Diana M Grimes (22) | Maureen D Urbandale (22) | Angel S Des Moines (22) | Bruce O Fort Dodge (22) | Jennifer S Ames (22) | William C Marshalltown (23) | Mary R Lawton (23)

Take an adventure with the 2024 platelet program! 

Life can take you on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns. It is through resilience, perseverance, and a little help from our friends that we are able to explore the next adventure, climb that next mountain (physically or metaphorically), and see another sunrise. Platelet recipients know this better than anyone-many of their journeys are possible thanks to the support of the community blood supply and the support of generous individuals like you whom we fondly call our friends or neighbors. Let’s hit the road together in 2024, fill your Platelet Passport and earn rewards at different destinations along the way. There’s no telling how far your generosity will take you!

Platelet donors will not have to use their online store points for any of these great rewards. These rewards won’t be available in the online store. And the best part, no registration is required! All platelet donors are automatically enrolled! 

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Ice Pack

2 Platelet Donations

Eye Mask

4 Four Platelet Donations

Travel Bag

6 Platelet Donations

Travel Blanket

8 Platelet Donations

Roadside Kit

12 Platelet Donations


20 Platelet Donations

platelet gift 2 platelet gift 4 platelet gift 6 platelet gift 8 platelet gift 12 platelet gift 20
Often when we think of travel, we think of the opportunity to embrace a sense of calm. Next time you need a quick break, chill with this nifty ice pack. Sometimes a simple staycation is all you need to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Kick your feet up and enjoy this eye mask on your next day off. As you are preparing for your next adventure, make sure you grab and pack your toiletry travel bag. You don’t want to leave home without it.

Next time you come in for your platelet donation, bring this warm blanket with you, or if you have plans to wander on your travels, make sure it is ready to go with you.

Your commitment to safety is likely just as strong as your commitment to regular lifesaving platelet donations so make sure you keep this kit handy in your ride so you can get from home to one of LifeServe’s Donor Centers for your next donation. Making the time and commitment to donate 20 times in one year, for a total of five gallons of platelets, is true dedication and not a territory where many people can say they have been.
platelet-traveler platelet-explorer platelet-adventurer platelet-nomad trail-blazer platelet-pioneer