Double Red Cell Donation

double red eligibilityThis automated procedure collects only the red blood cell portion of blood and returns the remaining components to the donor. Double red cell technology allows LifeServe Blood Center to collect twice as many red blood cells as a whole blood collection. 

Donating double red cells typically takes about 15-20 minutes longer than a whole blood donation. Eligible male double red cell donors must be at least 16 years or older (with parental/guardian consent), 5’1″ tall and weigh at least 130 pounds. Eligible female double red cell donors must be 23 years or older, at least 5’5″ tall, and weigh at least 150 pounds. Eligible double red cell donors can donate every 112 days, up to three times per year.

Who you're helping: The red cells from this type of donation are typically given to trauma patients, newborns, mothers during emergency transfusions during birth, people with sickle cell anemia, and those suffering blood loss.


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