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Blood donation isn't the only way to help save local hospital patients.

Generous community members and partners help ensure LifeServe can continue to maintain a robust blood supply year round for local hospital patients. Your lifesaving financial gift is tax-deductible and will immediately do good things for the health of your neighborhood!

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Your Gift: Another Birthday, Another Chance, More Time for Local Patients

Besides saving lives, LifeServe Blood Center is dedicated to continually advancing the blood banking industry through innovative trials, creative training methods, outstanding customer service, and applied research. Better transfusion medicine knowledge means better patient outcomes. That's what it's all about.


Support students' educational aspirations by contributing to the LifeServe scholarship fund. High schools and students can earn scholarships by organizing blood drives. By participating, students not only have the chance to help save lives but also to secure financial aid for their higher education journey. To qualify for these scholarships, students must actively recruit donors, oversee the blood drive, and manage donor registrations. Scholarships are available to any student pursuing or already excelling in their education. Additionally, high schools meeting the criteria will nominate a student for the scholarship. Your financial contribution to the LifeServe scholarship fund not only benefits deserving students but also ensures a steady blood supply for the community. Click here to make a donation and make a difference today.

The Gift of Life Garden

The LifeServe Gift of Life Garden is a sustainable, welcoming community space highlighting those ensuring the stability or benefiting from the community blood supply.

It honors the businesses, churches, schools and individual community members that play a vital role in ensuring that a stranger has access to the “gift of life”.  The garden’s sole purpose is to honor the commitment it takes in the communities we serve to ensure that when needed, blood is available.  Like a community’s first responders, the community blood supply is handled locally…it is a locally controlled national resource.   It is vital that blood be on the shelf when it is needed. To be sustainable, the community blood supply must be nurtured and cared for much like a garden.


The garden will broaden understanding of the importance of a community having a sustainable blood supply through:

  • Honoring individuals who ensure a sustainable blood supply through their work, volunteering, or blood donation. 

  • Recognizing individuals who have and continue to benefit from a sustainable blood supply. 

  • Educating about the importance of a sustainable blood supply. 

How You Can Help

You can support the Gift of Life Garden by making a donation online on our fundraising page

Classy Pay, the payment processor, offers a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web Services. Credit card or debit card data is never stored.

We will still accept donations by check payable to LifeServe Blood Center and sent to our corporate headquarters at 431 E Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309. Include ‘Gift of Life Garden’ on the Memo line and printed order form for donation designation

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Giving Opportunities

  • Your business can partner with us by collaborating on special promotions and events, like Adopt a Day, for our blood donors. It's a win-win partnership for your organization, LifeServe, the blood donor, and most importantly, the patient.

    In-kind gifts of all types are appreciated. Tickets to sporting or cultural events, vacation getaways, coupons or vouchers for local businesses, and other donor incentives are just a few of the ways you can help support our life-saving mission. Items for our What's Your Type? gala silent auction are also welcome. Some restrictions may apply.

  • amazon smile

    You can help out at no extra cost to you! You can donate 0.5% of eligible purchases back to LifeServe through AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is the same site as the standard Amazon you're probably used to, but with the bonus benefit of supporting your favorite nonprofit like LifeServe without having to write a separate check. For additional details, go to

  • There's no better way to remember a family member or friend than to put your thoughts and memories into action! Memorial gifts in the name of your loved on help finance the lifesaving work of LifeServe and can carry on a legacy of giving back even when someone has passed on.

  • A popular option of giving is to make a financial gift in tribute of a loved one, special occasion, anniversary, or really anything! Gift giving can be tricky, but when it comes to making a tangible impact in your community in honor of something special in your life - no buyer's remorse here.

  • Contact your employer to find out if they participate in a workplace giving program or corporate giving challenges. Encourage your colleagues to choose LifeServe as their chosen charity for pre-tax payroll deductions.

How does my financial gift help?

  • LifeServe Blood Center offers a student scholarship program in which students sponsor blood drives in their neighborhood during high need time of the year. Our scholarship program is funded solely through sponsorship, memorial donations, and monetary donations.

  • To continue our lifesaving work, we need not only eligible blood donors—we require everyday operational funding. Financial gifts support LifeServe’s ten donation centers, help us run thousands of community blood drives, and allow us to conduct extensive testing on each unit of donated blood. These financial gifts help ensure our community’s blood supply remains safe and stable, and helps us reach eligible donors across our tristate region.

  • LifeServe prides ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of emerging blood collection technology and services. From collecting the blood from a donor to processing that donation into a blood product for a hospital patient, there are always improvements and upgrades breaking through that we can look forward to. 

Whether it’s small or large, each gift made to LifeServe’s scholarship program helps us reward high school and college students. All of their hard work hosting blood drives during the months of high need deserves recognition!

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*Donations can also be made via check payable to LifeServe Blood Center and sent to our corporate headquarters at 431 E Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309.