Chairperson FAQs

  • Sponsoring a blood drive is a great way to be seen as a leader in your community, place of business or place of worship. Organizing a blood drive shows the pride and commitment you have to community service. Take some time to educate your colleagues, friends, and neighbors about the importance of the volunteer blood donation program and the positive impact donating blood can have on others.

  • LifeServe Blood Center offers a variety of options for hosting and sponsoring blood drives. A LifeServe Blood Center Representative can explain the following options in detail and will work with you to find the best possible location for your blood drive.

    • Set-up a mobile blood drive
    • Bloodmobile bus blood drive
    • Donor center blood drive

  • An inside set-up mobile drive is a good option for sponsor groups who have 25 or more potential
    donors and a large location available for LifeServe Blood Center to set-up their equipment. LifeServe
    Blood Center brings donor cots and all of the blood collection supplies. The sponsor group is asked to provide tables and chairs and to support donor recruitment efforts leading up to the drive and
    possible volunteer support the day of the blood drive.

  • Host a blood drive on one of LifeServe Blood Center’s bloodmobile buses. All of the blood collection
    equipment is already on the bus so all the sponsor group has to do is find a good parking spot and work with the LifeServe representative to determine a plan to recruit donor participation. A blood drive on a bloodmobile is ideal for groups with 10-40 potential donors.

  • One of LifeServe Blood Center’s conveniently located donor centers make a perfect blood drive location for smaller groups and for people with schedules that may not permit them to donate at a mobile blood drive. Donor Center drives can be set up for either a day, or up to a week, and donors can select the date and time to donate that is most convenient for them.

  • Nope! LifeServe Blood Centers takes care of all of the supplies needed for the blood drive. As a blood drive chairperson, you just recruit the donors!

  • You help coordinate the location of the blood drive and recruit blood donors!

    • A Territory Representative to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. They'll be with you every step of the way!
    • All of the supplies and refreshments the day of the drive.
    • Any marketing materials needed to promote your drive.
    • An online scheduling system for you to manage your blood drive schedule. 
    • Amazing service to your generous blood donors.

  • You can contact us here!