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Show Your Pride with a Blood Drive!

young-donorHosting a blood drive is a great way to be seen as a leader in your community, workplace, high school, college or place of worship. Organizing a blood drive shows the pride and commitment you have to community service. Take some time to educate your colleagues, friends and neighbors about the importance of the volunteer blood donation program and the positive impact donating blood can have on others.

LifeServe Blood Center offers a variety of options for hosting blood drives.

A Set-Up Mobile Blood Drive

This is a good option for sponsor groups who have 25 or more potential donors and a large location available for LifeServe Blood Center to set up their equipment. LifeServe Blood Center brings donor lounge chairs and all of the blood collection supplies. The sponsor group is asked to provide tables and chairs.

Bloodmobile Blood Drive

This is a blood drive that actually takes place on a LifeServe Blood Center Bloodmobile bus. All of the equipment is already on the bus so all the sponsor group has to do is find a good parking spot! A blood drive on a Bloodmobile is ideal for groups with 10-40 potential donors.

Donor Center Blood Drive

Perfect for smaller groups and for people with schedules that may not permit them to donate at a mobile blood drive. Donor Center drives can be set up for either a day or up to a week and donors can select the date and time to donate that is most convenient for them.

 Why Host a Blood Drive?

SCPD Crime Prevention Officer Andrew Dutler

Sioux City Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Andrew Dutler has assisted LifeServe with several blood drives, including a Blue Blood Drive and a Battle of the Badges three day blood drive. 

“It’s always good to take part in a good cause and as a first responder we see almost on a daily basis the need for people to have blood at our medical facilities,” Officer Dutler explained. “Whether that be unfortunate car accidents or personal accidents with people doing projects at home, it comes up pretty frequent where people may need blood. It feels good to participate in things to generate interest in people donating blood.”

Officer Dutler encourages others to get involved in planning their own blood drives at workplaces or through community organizations. 

“It’s easy, it’s fun, and rewarding!” Officer Dutler explained. “I would say it’s easy and painless. Really, we live in a community where by and large people just kind of wants to help everyone out and that’s nice to see these days. It’s all about getting the word out that blood is needed. I think you’ll see in your organization, your agency that people are willing to jump on board because it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. It’s just a little bit of time.”

Types of Blood Drives

Community Blood Drives

There’s no more rewarding community service project than a blood drive! Each unit of blood donated can save up to three local lives – that’s just a single donor! 

Community blood drives are open to the public and are generally set up on a regular basis to make sure your town can keep giving back throughout the year.

If you are a media outlet looking to sponsor a community blood drive, let us know! We have special materials available for promotion.

Business Blood Drives

If you employ 22 or 220 people willing to support the blood donation cause, we’d be happy to hold a drive at your business! Some of our most loyal blood donors give their lifesaving gift while at work.

Steve Thomas hosts a regular blood drive at his company, RJ Thomas Manufacturing, in Cherokee, Iowa. After his wife needed blood, Steve knew he wanted to give back in a big way to make sure there was blood available for other families in need.

Replenishment Blood Drives

Some of our most successful blood drives are “replenishment” blood drives! After personally experiencing the need for blood and the amazing effects of a blood transfusion, many families decide to hold a blood drive to help give back to the community that supported them in their critical time of need.

From those battling cancer to trauma victims, one in seven hospital patients will require a blood transfusion as part of their treatment. Friends, family, and community members are generally very eager to support a replenishment drive in their area.

Blood Drives in Honor/Memory Of

The sky’s the limit when it comes to why LifeServers host blood drives. We’ve had blood drives to celebrate special days like anniversaries. Birthday parties at the donor center? We’ve done those, too! We also host blood drives to honor and celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed away. Click here to read a story from Wendy Luft, an incredible woman who decided to host a blood drive in memory of her son Logan.

High School and College Blood Drives

Students are incredible blood donors. Young donors supply a good portion of the community blood supply, and we’re thrilled to see students taking charge and making that positive change in their community.

Schools that host blood drives with LifeServe also have access to a whole array of educational resources: free blood typing events, classroom presentations, assemblies, lunch and learns – if you have an idea on how to engage your students in the blood donation process, we’ll be here to help you along the way. 

Plus, we have a great scholarship program available for students and high schools!

Get the Word Out!

Now that you’ve committed to hosting a blood drive, it’s time to start recruiting donors. Spreading the word about your blood drive is a critical element to the success of the event. Be creative and have fun when promoting the blood drive.

Tips for Recruiting Blood Donors

  • Be positive, enthusiastic and educated about the blood donation process and simply ask someone to become a blood donor. A personal, face-to-face invitation makes all the difference.
  • Find out if any employees have used blood and ask them to share their story. Being asked to donate blood by someone who has used blood is very powerful.
  • Talk to co-workers who donate blood regularly and ask them to share their past donation experience(s). These stories can often convince people who have never donated blood to become blood donors.
  • Do something special to reward employees for signing up ahead of time. You can offer candy or other special treats, see if management would allow employees to dress casually for the day of the blood drive or hand out special giveaway items.

Community Groups, Churches, Businesses

Consider the following:

  • Talk it up! Personally ask people to give blood.
  • Use the publicity materials provided by LifeServe Blood Center to help promote the blood drive.
  • Advertise the date and times of the blood drive in the company or church newsletter or website.
  • Have a LifeServe chairperson or volunteer offer to be available during busy times in the cafeteria, break room, or during events to answer questions about the blood drive and to recruit donors.
  • Get the local newspaper, radio station and/or television station involved by giving them story ideas and ask them to cover the blood drive on the day of the event.


Consider the following:

  • Talk it up! Personally ask people to give blood. Getting a personal invitation to donate blood is the number one reason why people donate.
  • Email, text or call students and faculty and ask them to give blood.
  • Ask instructors to allow you to give brief five-minute speeches during class time to promote the blood drive.
  • Get the school newspaper, radio station and/or television station involved by giving them story ideas and ask them to cover the blood drive on the day of the event.
  • Have a representative of the blood drive team available to answer questions about blood donation.

High Schools

Consider the following:

  • Hang posters around school. If the blood drive is open to the public, hang posters around town as well.
  • Get the school paper involved by giving them story ideas and ask them to take pictures the day of the blood drive.
  • Give five-minute speeches in classrooms to get the students excited about giving blood.
  • Ask the teachers to announce the blood drive in class and encourage students to participate.
  • Have PA announcements made about the blood drive.
  • Promote the blood drive on your school marquee.
  • Encourage students to become a Donor of Distinction and let them know about our scholarship opportunities.
  • Hand out consent forms for minors  to have their parents sign in advance of the blood drive so they are eligible the day of. 

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