Therapeutic Resource Guide

LifeServe Blood Center is proud to provide therapeutic apheresis services (TPEX) which includes plasma exchanges, red blood cell exchanges, white blood cell reductions, etc. to patients, either in-patient or out-patient.

If you have questions regarding all patient scheduling and/or questions regarding this service, please contact us directly at: TPEX PROGRAM PHONE NUMBER: 515.309.4920. This line is staffed during normal business hours. After normal business hours and on weekends, this phone line is answered by LifeServe’s physician on-call.


There is a nationwide supply-chain problem impacting our ability to maintain and/or receive an adequate inventory of kits that are needed to perform therapeutic apheresis procedures utilizing the Optia device. We believe it is possible that this widespread supply-chain problem could impact how we provide these services. 

Therapeutic - Yellow

The color-coded inventory is described by the following categories:

Green:  Inventories of kits are at an acceptable level and procedures can be scheduled as needed. No treatment modifications are needed. 

Yellow: Inventory of kits has reached a level that we are anticipating a shortage that impacts our ability to perform Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures using our normal parameters. You should:

  • Continue to order procedures for patients who need Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures. 
  • Our team will work with you to determine which patients and procedures could be modified.
  • Possible modifications include:
    • Processing more plasma volume per procedure while increasing the number of days between procedures
    • Combining with or using alternative treatments

Red: Supply is kits has reached critically low levels and procedures cannot be continued on a routine basis. We will maintain a small inventory (less than 10 kits) to allow us to treat life threatening situations. You should:

  • Use alternative treatments for patients who you would normally treat with Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures.
  • Use our physician’s expertise on which alternative therapies may work for your patients. 
  • If you have a patient that the only viable treatment option is therapeutic apheresis procedures, you should make a request to our physicians to access the emergency supply of kits. 

If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact any of the following individuals: Dr. Alex Smith, Medical Director;; 515.309.4872