Types of Blood Drives

There are many ways to get involved in the blood donation cause!

It’s not just blood donors who help ensure the community blood supply is strong and stable. From blood drive chairpeople to volunteers, LifeServe Blood Center relies on the generous dedication of people looking to make a difference in our neighborhood!

"It’s easy, it’s fun, and rewarding!” Sioux City Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Andrew Dutler explained. “It’s all about getting the word out. I think you’ll see in your organization that people are willing to jump on board because it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. It’s just a little bit of time."

Types of Blood Drives

    • There’s no more rewarding community service project than a blood drive! Each unit of blood donated can save up to three local lives – that’s just a single donor! 

      Community blood drives are open to the public and are generally set up on a regular basis to make sure your town can keep giving back throughout the year.

      If you are a media outlet looking to sponsor a community blood drive, let us know! We have special materials available for promotion.

    • Whether you employ 22 or 220 people willing to support the blood donation cause, we’d be happy to hold a drive at your business! Some of our most loyal blood donors give their lifesaving gift while at work.

      Steve Thomas hosts a regular blood drive at his company, RJ Thomas Manufacturing, in Cherokee, Iowa. After his wife needed blood, Steve knew he wanted to give back in a big way to make sure there was blood available for other families in need.

    • Co-chairing is a way for a company that isn’t able to host their own drive to still save lives! Co-chairs will help promote a community blood drive or donor center, ensuring their employees continue donating and local patients have access to the lifesaving blood they need.

    • This is your chance to host a blood drive in one of our donor centers! Celebrate your organization’s anniversary or grand opening, set up a monthly day of service, or boost the blood supply around a holiday. The possibilities are endless!

    • Some of our most successful blood drives are replenishment blood drives! After personally experiencing the need for blood and the amazing effects of a blood transfusion, many families decide to hold a blood drive to help give back to the community that supported them in their critical time of need.

      From those battling cancer to trauma victims, one in seven hospital patients will require a blood transfusion as part of their treatment. Friends, family, and community members are generally very eager to support a replenishment drive in their area.

    • The sky’s the limit when it comes to why LifeServers host blood drives. We’ve had blood drives to celebrate special days like anniversaries. Birthday parties at the donor center? We’ve done those, too! We also host blood drives to honor and celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed away. Click here to read a story from Wendy Luft, an incredible woman who decided to host a blood drive in memory of her son Logan.

    • Students are incredible blood donors. Young donors supply a good portion of the community blood supply, and we’re thrilled to see students taking charge and making that positive change in their community.

      Schools that host blood drives with LifeServe also have access to a whole array of educational resources: free blood typing events, classroom presentations, assemblies, lunch and learns – if you have an idea on how to engage your students in the blood donation process, we’ll be here to help you along the way. 

      Plus, we have a great scholarship program available for students and high schools!