Why Host a Blood Drive

There’s no more rewarding community service project than a blood drive! Each unit of blood donated can save up to three local lives – that’s just a single donor! Hosting a blood drive is a great way to be seen as a leader in your community, workplace, high school, college, or place of worship.

We are encouraging you to partner with LifeServe because we believe your blood should go to your hospital to help your neighbors. Community blood centers such as LifeServe were created to service local hospitals by hosting blood drives in those communities. That means we won’t travel to a town for a blood drive unless we know your blood will go back into your community. It seems unfair to collect blood from a community if it won’t benefit them. To help keep local blood local, please consider partnering with LifeServe Blood Center. Together, we can save our neighbors.

Officer DutlerSioux City Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Andrew Dutler has assisted LifeServe with several blood drives, including a Blue Blood Drive and a Battle of the Badges three day blood drive. 

“It’s always good to take part in a good cause and as a first responder we see almost on a daily basis the need for people to have blood at our medical facilities,” Officer Dutler explained. “Whether that be unfortunate car accidents or personal accidents with people doing projects at home, it comes up pretty frequent where people may need blood. It feels good to participate in things to generate interest in people donating blood.”

Officer Dutler encourages others to get involved in planning their own blood drives at workplaces or through community organizations.