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Thank you for choosing to donate blood with LifeServe Blood Center.

100% of all blood products used by your local hospital is from LifeServe blood donors. Your donation will be helping those right here in Johnston. Since human blood cannot be manufactured we need you to ensure local hospital patients have the blood products they need, when they need them. 

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Anonymous Anonymous
After having an emergency C-section I'm so glad your generosity could help me get back to normal to be with my baby!
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much for donating blood. My mom is now feeling better after having a life threatening low hemoglobin on her journey with ovarian cancer. Thank you!
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much of your gift of blood. My father was in a motorcycle accident and needed lots of blood in his surgery. Without you, he would not have lived. We truly appreciate what you did and hope you continue to do it.
Anonymous Anonymous
As someone who never expected to need blood, I am really grateful to you for being a donor. My veins are very tiny and not easily accessible do being “poked” to get blood is a big deal.
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you my daughter was so sick and needed a transfusion this blood helped her get back to normal. Cant thank you enough
anonymous anonymous
You are helping to allow my family more time with my 76 year old father… he was recently diagnosed with leukemia and without your platelet donation he wouldn’t be here. Thank you! You are so cherished and appreciated!
Anonymous Anonymous
Thank you so much for the gift of life. This is the 4th transfusion I’ve received this month due to a form of unknown severe chronic anemia, I’ve had a lot of tests ran to find out what my diagnosis is & receiving blood each week has been helping me be able to continue working full time & keeping up with my teenage daughter. My birthday is tomorrow & I can’t thank you enough for probably the best gift I will have received to start off my 38th year of life. God Bless You & thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

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