Volunteering & Other Ways to Give

Volunteering at LifeServe Blood Center is a great way to get involved in your community! We depend on volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks, all of which support the vital mission of savings lives by creating access to a safe blood supply.

By volunteering your time, you will be part of the organization that is responsible for collecting, testing and distributing more than 150,000 units of blood each year. As a volunteer, you can take pride in knowing that your time is well spent and that your contribution will impact the lives of hundreds of people every day.

 Benefits of Volunteering

  • Be a part of an organization dedicated to helping others and saving lives
  • Use your skills and spend your time in a positive working environment 
  • Meet new people and build new friendships
  • Be recognized for your contributions at a formal appreciation event
  • Receive newsletters and rewards

Susan and Bob Woodard – Des Moines volunteers

Volunteers Bob and Susan Woodard have been with LifeServe for three years, faithfully lending a hand on a weekly basis at the Des Moines Donor Center. After their first meeting with the volunteer coordinator, they knew they were in the right place.

“Taking the tour and seeing the different options that were available,” Bob explained, “that was something that truly did impress us. Believe it or not, we’ve done a whole lot of those different things over the course of our three years. We’re not just coming in to do one thing or another thing. We do a number of things!”

For Susan, it’s the warm feeling that keeps her coming back. “There’s never been a time where we’ve come in and volunteered without someone recognizing us as a volunteer and saying thank you,” she said. “It makes you feel as if your volunteer work is very important.”

Thanks to the variety of projects and duties available as well as the genuine gratitude from the LifeServe team, the Woodards don’t plan to stop volunteering any time soon.

“It’s a great opportunity for anybody who wants to have fun, enjoy what it is they’re doing, and know they’ve done something that is truly appreciated,” Bob said.

“It’s just one small way for us to give back,” Susan agreed.


At LifeServe Blood Center, we work closely with potential volunteers to match their time and talents with our needs. Volunteers make a big impact in almost every department in our organization. Here are some examples of volunteer activities at LifeServe Blood Center:


  • Transport blood products and supplies between hospitals, donor centers, mobile blood drives and LifeServe Blood Center distribution sites 

Administrative Support:

  • Scan documents
  • Make photocopies/print documents
  • Data entry
  • Assist with mailings, labeling
  • Packet assembly

Building and Grounds Maintenance

  • Sweep garage and store rooms
  • Plant and water flowers
  • Keep parking lot clean
  • General building repairs and maintenance
  • General vehicle maintenance and cleaning

Donor Services

  • Monitor donors following blood donation
  • Set-up and serve juice and cookies in the canteen area
  • Greeting visitors at donor center locations
  • Gather supplies for mobile blood drives

Donor Recruitment and Retention:

  • Make appointment reminder phone calls
  • Process and fill online store gift orders
  • Print and mail certificates and other recruitment materials

Most volunteer activities are based from the Des Moines Donor Center (431 E. Locust St.) and Sioux City Donor Center (1019 Jones St.) during daytime, weekday hours. Volunteer drivers are needed at all hours of the day, every day of the week and are based from Des Moines, Ames, Sioux City, Mason City, Waterloo and Omaha, NE sites. Volunteers are occasionally needed to assist with donor service activities and events in other areas and can be contacted on an as needed basis.

It takes a special person to volunteer their time – let us know if that’s you! For more information about volunteering, fill out the form on our Contact Us page and make sure you select “Volunteer”.

Other Ways to Give Back

LifeServers are very generous people and we often receive questions about additional ways to give back! Whether you’re not eligible to donate blood, there are still ways you can support our lifesaving mission.

  • Share your Story! If you’ve received a blood transfusion, you’re the perfect spokesperson for our lifesaving mission. There’s no better motivation than hearing from someone who is here today thanks to generous blood donors. Click here to share your blood story.
  • Scholarship Support: LifeServe Blood Center does accept monetary donations for our scholarship program. Our scholarship program awards high school and college students who organize successful blood drives. Donations are accepted from supporters, corporate partners, and as memorials. Email us or call 800-287-4903 to set up your donation, memorial donation, or corporate sponsorship. To learn more about our scholarship program, click here. To see a list of 2020 scholarship sponsors, click here!
  • Volunteer! We have a large team of active volunteers and we’re always seeking more. From delivering blood products to hospitals or making reminder calls, volunteers are a huge part of our organization. Click here to learn more about volunteering for LifeServe.
  • Spread the Word! We’re very active on social media and love interacting with people online! An easy way to support the blood donation cause is to give our Facebook posts a quick like or share. You never know if one of your connections will be moved to start donating because you’ve shared a video or testimonial!
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