Memorial Donations & Sponsorships

Whether it’s small or large, each gift made to LifeServe’s scholarship program helps us continue rewarding high school and college students for their hard work hosting blood drives during months of high need! Students are our future, and in more ways than one! Twenty percent of LifeServe Blood Center’s blood donations come from high school and college students, ensuring a stable blood supply year round. People who start the blood donation habit early tend to keep on giving for years to come. The same applies to those who are unable to donate, but still do their part to support the cause! We have student volunteers and interns, and pertinent to this letter, student scholarship program participants.

LifeServe Blood Center offers funding through our student scholarship program in exchange for students’ commitment to saving lives and supporting the community through blood drive sponsorship. Our scholarship program is funded solely through sponsorship, memorial donations, and monetary donations.

Individual Scholarship Sponsor Stories

The Held Family

Long time Sioux City LifeServer Robert Held’s family recently made a donation to our scholarship fund in his honor and in celebration of his recent 52 gallon milestone! Thank you to the Held family for generously thinking of us, and to Robert for spending many hours in our donor chair saving lives!

LifeServe received a heartfelt letter along with the generous donation.

“This gift is being donated to honor Robert Held and his many years of selfless giving. Our dad has been donating whole blood, double red cells, platelets, and plasma for close to 35 years. His actions, through donating blood and other lifesaving products, exemplify the meaning of giving to those in need.”

Garrett Allen

Garrett, a senior at Waukee High School, needed to organize a volunteer event to complete his Eagle Scout rank. He chose to host a blood drive! His February 2020 blood drive had an excellent turnout!

His volunteerism didn’t stop there. There was also a fundraising component to his Eagle Scout rank project, separate from the blood drive. Garrett generously decided that with the leftover funds from that fundraising component, he would donate  to LifeServe Blood Center as a thank you for helping him achieve his Eagle Scout.

Thank you very much, Garrett! We’re honored you chose us!

Merry and Mike Crotty

Thank you for your donation from Havelock, IA!

Diane Hayes in Honor of Mr. LeRoy & Kuhlerb

Thank you for your donation from Marion, IA!

Nicholas & Jeannie Houser in Memory of Judy Gray

Thank you for your donation from Louisville, KY!

Darin Laird

Thank you for your donation from one of our LifeServe volunteers!

Cheryl Reiser

Thank you for your donation from Des Moines, IA!

Allen Wall

Thank you for your donation from Sioux Falls, SD!

Cheryl Reiser

Thank you for your donation from Des Moines, IA!

Karey Bishop

Thank you for your donation in honor of Gracie Hayes who bought a house through Iowa Realty!

Diane & Robert Stinson for a Fundraiser by Kim Sheeks

Thank you for your donation from Des Moines, IA!

Jim Wharton & Family 

Thank you for your donation to our student scholarship program from Sioux City, IA!

Central States Capital Markets LLC

Thank you for your Christmas donation from Prairie Village, KS!

CUNA Mutual Group Foundation

Monetary donation to our student scholarship program. Although they haven’t been able to host blood drives, they chose to support LifeServe in another way!

For more information on how to donate directly to our scholarship fund, click here! 

Memorial Donations

Several families have honored their loved ones by providing memorial donations to the mission their loved ones supported throughout their life. Thank you to the families and friends of the following LifeServe supporters for continuing to support our mission.

Cathleen Ferguson
Denise Hanson
Gary Fridley
Verlyn Wipf
Fern Claus
Matthew McCullough
Judy Gray
Jim Wharton & Family

For more information on how to set up a memorial fund for your loved one to benefit our scholarship fund, click here! 

Our Corporate Scholarship Sponsors

Thank you to the organizations and individuals who have helped us ensure our scholarship program will continue for years to come! Here are our 2020 corporate scholarship sponsors!  


Central States Capital Markets

Thank you to Central States Capital Markets for their generous $1,000 donation to our student scholarship program!

CUNA Mutual Group Foundation

Thank you to CUNA Mutual Group for their continued support. Although they were unable to host blood drives in 2020 as they normally would have, they made a very generous monetary donation to LifeServe Blood Center to help us continue our lifesaving work in the community.


To become a 2020 Scholarship Sponsor or for more information, call 800-287-4903 or click here!

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