Donate Convalescent Plasma

People who live in Iowa, Nebraska, or South Dakota who were diagnosed with COVID-19 who have now recovered may be eligible to help patients currently battling this illness! 

If you had COVID-19, your body may be producing specific COVID-19 antibodies. What does this mean? By donating plasma, which contains proteins in the form of antibodies, you may be helping to provide treatment for current and future COVID-19 patients. This is currently being studied in a trial as part of the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project. 

If you never received a positive test result for COVID-19 but your physician diagnosed you for COVID-19 or you have had symptoms indicatives of COVID-19 and you have since fully recovered, you may be eligible for antibody testing to determine whether you’re a candidate for a convalescent plasma donation.

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Does It Really Help?

Convalescent plasma donor Susan with LifeServe team member Polly

Susan K. of Ankeny, Iowa can’t remember the first three days of her eleven-day hospitalization at Methodist Medical Center. She wasn’t sedated, but was so ill with COVID-19 she cannot recall those seventy-two hours.  Her first memory is when she began to improve after receiving convalescent plasma collected by LifeServe Blood Center.

Thanks to the plasma provided by a LifeServe donor, Susan recovered and was released from the hospital in June.  Four months later, on October 7th, she visited LifeServe Blood Center’s newest donor center in Ankeny.  Susan was there to donate her plasma to help another COVID sufferer, just as someone had done for her.


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