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When national researchers started investigating convalescent plasma as a potential COVID-19 treatment, LifeServe Blood Center sprang into action to implement a program that would provide potentially lifesaving plasma from recovered COVID-19 donors to local patients in our area medical centers.

In partnership with the State of Iowa, LifeServe Blood Center began testing blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies on August 3, 2020, to help understand the spread of the virus and to help identify individuals who may be eligible to provide convalescent plasma (CCP) for critically ill hospital patients suffering from COVID-19.

Thank you for our amazing community blood donors who helped us fight COVID-19! 

We cannot say thank you enough for your generous convalescent plasma donation(s) during this pandemic. Your donation helped COVID-19 patients recover and you will always be able to say you helped fight COVID-19 in our community.

As of March 20, 2021, we are pausing our convalescent plasma program due to hospital need going down which is great news! Hospitalizations and positive cases continue to decrease and because of lifesaving donors like you we have a safe inventory of convalescent plasma on the shelf for those who may be in need during the coming months. 

We are thankful for community members who continue to help save lives. We always have a year-round need for lifesaving blood donors as community members in our local hospitals always have a need for blood donations. The same way convalescent plasma helped COVID-19 patients, your blood donations will help cancer patients, trauma victims and many others in our hospitals.

LifeServe relies on blood donations from approximately 150,000 individuals each year to ensure our hospitals have the supply they need. By giving blood and encouraging others to donate at community-based blood centers, together we can ensure our blood supply is always ready when we need it.

Your blood donation goes to your hospital to help your neighbors.

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