New Cancer Deferral Eligibility

We have exciting news!

LifeServe Blood Center is pleased to announce a change to our blood donor eligibility regarding cancer. Previously, blood donors diagnosed with cancer were issued a yearlong deferral from giving blood and blood donors diagnosed with melanoma were issued a lifetime deferral from giving blood. The Medical Director at LifeServe Blood Center has recently revisited blood donor eligibility and determined there is no further need for a lengthy deferral for donors who have completed treatment for certain cancers. Now, most cancer patients will be eligible to donate immediately following successful treatment and there is no further need to permanently defer donors who have completed treatment for melanoma.

The organizations that regulate LifeServe Blood Center do not require a deferral after someone has completed treatment for cancer. There is no evidence cancers are transmitted by transfusion. Other blood centers have no deferral for someone who has completed treatment for cancer; they have never had any adverse events. Out of an abundance of caution, cancer of blood cells (leukemias, lymphomas) will still require a permanent deferral.

Let's determine your eligibility! Please click here, complete the form, and we'll be in touch! You can also give us a call at 1-800-287-4903 ext 4444 and we’ll be happy to provide more information.