Saving Goals and Saving Lives


  1. Team Spirt: Both hockey players and blood donors have a shared sense of community and require teamwork to reach a common goal. 
  2. Preparation: For best hockey performance and blood donation experience, eating healthy & staying hydrated are a crucial preparation component. 
  3. Risk & Safety: Hockey players risk injury while blood donors ensure the safety of the blood supply. 
  4. Adrenaline Rush: The thrill of competition and the excitement of impacting your local community.
  5. Impact on others: Hockey can entertain and inspire the crowd while donating blood has a direct impact on local hospital patients. 
  6. Recovery: Recovery is an essential aspect to feeling your best for hockey players after a game and for blood donors after giving a pint of their blood. 
  7. A Common Goal: The common goal of all those involved is either to win the game, bringing joy to fans or to support the local blood supply, saving and sustaining the lives of patients in the community. 

Not every victory shows up on the scoreboard. With a single blood donation, you'll save THREE local lives! Now that's the ultimate hat trick!

Join LifeServe Blood Center and your local hockey teams at one of our upcoming hockey blood drives! 

Des Moines Buccaneers

Friday, November 24
Buccaneers Arena
7201 Hickman Road, Urbandale

Des Moines Buccaneers

DM Bucs

Iowa Wild

Tuesday, January 2
Des Moines Donor Center and
Downtown Donor Center

Des Moines Donor Center    Downtown Donor Center

iowa wild