Say Goodbye to the Finger Stick!

Last Updated on April 01, 2022

LifeServe Blood Center launches non-invasive, painless way to check hemoglobin levels for blood donors during the blood donation process. 

How does it work? 

The device is a finger sensor cuff, similar to a blood pressure cuff, and slides right on the thumb. It’s attached to a cord that plugs into a small machine where donor levels display.

“We know that many of our donors dread the finger stick portion of their donation,” said Danielle West, LifeServe Blood Center Director of Public Relations and Marketing. “With this new technology we can make the blood donation process more comfortable which I’m sure is a big win for our blood donors.” 

LifeServe checks hemoglobin levels for blood donors before their donation to ensure healthy measurements. This new technology takes the sting out of blood donations! This non-invasive devise measures the donor’s hemoglobin and eliminates the oft-dreaded finger prick.