Give the Gift of Life in Two Ways This Giving Tuesday

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

This Giving Tuesday, we extend to you an invitation to give in a way that’s different from your typical contribution to LifeServe. We invite you to make a donation to the Gift of Life Garden. The primary purpose of LifeServe’s Gift of Life Garden is to pay homage to the commitment within our communities to ensure the availability of life-saving blood when called upon. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to consider a contribution to the Gift of Life Garden as a symbol of your commitment to community health and well-being. A flourishing garden reflects a flourishing community, and we all know best that a community’s wellbeing would suffer without a local, safe, sustainable blood supply.

There are several unique ways to give your contribution. As we embark on giving season, you may find yourself stumped with someone in your life who seems to have everything already. If so, consider a donation to the Gift of Life Garden for them. A donation in their honor serves as a meaningful acknowledgment that will recognize a loved one. In honoring your loved ones through a contribution to the Gift of Life Garden, you pay homage to their battles and triumphs, their resilience in the face of challenges, or their steadfast commitment to fortifying the local blood supply. Whether designating your donation towards a customized brick (on sale for $75 through 12/31/23) or designating it towards a plant, tree, or flower – there are options aplenty to gift your loved ones. You are able to indicate if your contribution is in honor or in memory of a loved one during the check-out process, made easy through our online donation page. Donation recipients will receive an email (if email address is provided) notifying them of your gift and we will also send a certificate to commemorate the contribution in their honor.

By donating to the Gift of Life Garden, your contribution stays local – like our blood supply – and will be available for you to visit Summer 2024 at our new headquarter facility in Johnston, Iowa. At LifeServe Blood Center, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to give back right in your community, to help your neighbors. This opportunity is no different. The Gift of Life Garden will be a welcoming community space, open to anyone interested in learning more about the local blood supply.

This holiday season, let your generosity flourish in the Gift of Life Garden. Join us in fostering a community garden and a blood donor community where the seeds of commitment and gratitude are nurtured and cared for generations to come.

Visit our website to make your donation to the garden and to give the gift of life.