Snow One Like Blood Donors Hosted by KJJY

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Friday, November 24, 2023

All Day

Central Iowa Donor Centers

Winter may bring us frosty mornings and snow-covered landscapes, but it also brings a unique opportunity to make a real impact in our community. As the temperature drops and we find ourselves bundled up against the chill, it's important to remember that there's "snow" one like blood donors!snow one shirt

When the weather takes a wintry turn, accidents and emergencies can happen at any moment. The demand for blood rises, but the willingness to venture out into the cold often wanes. That's where our amazing blood donors come in, like a brigade of friendly snowmen offering their helping hands (or branches)! By donating blood during the winter months, you can be a true snowman's best friend, ensuring that hospitals have the life-saving resources they need. So, embrace the cozy warmth of giving, and remember, there is "snow" one like blood donors who can shine a beacon of hope amidst the winter's chill.

Join us to save local lives and receive your voucher for our FREE 2023 Holiday long sleeve shirt when you donate at the included donor centers this Black Friday! Select the links below to schedule your lifesaving donation! 



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