Types of Blood Drives

A Set-Up Mobile Blood Drive

This is a good option for sponsor groups who have 25 or more potential donors and a large location available for LifeServe Blood Center to set up their equipment. LifeServe Blood Center brings donor lounge chairs and all of the blood collection supplies. The sponsor group is asked to provide tables and chairs.

Bloodmobile Blood Drive

This is a blood drive that actually takes place on a LifeServe Blood Center Bloodmobile bus. All of the equipment is already on the bus so all the sponsor group has to do is find a good parking spot! A blood drive on a Bloodmobile is ideal for groups with 10-40 potential donors.

Donor Center Blood Drive

Perfect for smaller groups and for people with schedules that may not permit them to donate at a mobile blood drive. Donor Center drives can be set up for either a day or up to a week and donors can select the date and time to donate that is most convenient for them.

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