Scholarship Program Sponsors

Our Corporate Scholarship Sponsors

Thank you to the organizations and individuals who have helped us ensure our scholarship program will continue for years to come! Here are our 2020 corporate scholarship sponsors! 


Individual Scholarship Sponsor Stories

Whether it’s small or large, each gift made to LifeServe’s scholarship program helps us continue rewarding high school and college students for their hard work hosting blood drives during months of high need!

The Held Family

Long time Sioux City LifeServer Robert Held’s family recently made a donation to our scholarship fund in his honor and in celebration of his recent 52 gallon milestone! Thank you to the Held family for generously thinking of us, and to Robert for spending many hours in our donor chair saving lives!

LifeServe received a heartfelt letter along with the generous donation.

“This gift is being donated to honor Robert Held and his many years of selfless giving. Our dad has been donating whole blood, double red cells, platelets, and plasma for close to 35 years. His actions, through donating blood and other lifesaving products, exemplify the meaning of giving to those in need.”







To become a 2020 Scholarship Sponsor or for more information, call 800-287-4903 or click here!

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