COVID-19 Titer Test Results

In our quest to make blood donation beneficial for both local hospital patients and our LifeServers, we’re providing donors even more information about their blood!

If you’ve donated blood since February, you’ll see a new piece of data under the My Test Results tab on your donor profile. The new COVID titer value is a measurement of the prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in your system. The higher the number, the more antibodies you have. We have seen a wide range of numbers from .001 all the way up to values in the lower fifties. The number depends on whether you had COVID, if you received the vaccine, and how your body reacted to either or both.

Does the vaccine help me build antibodies?
Yes! In fact, that is why vaccines are given. These antibodies will protect you from future infections.

If I donate and I get tested for antibodies, will that show that my vaccination worked?
Yes, but if you test negative, that does not necessarily mean that the vaccine did not work. Your body might not have produced enough antibodies to be detected, but that does not mean that you are not protected. If you were to get infected, your body would start to produce more antibodies to fight the infection.