LifeServer Warren Joins Hall of Fame

This month LifeServe Blood Center was pleased to see one of our own inducted into the Fresenius Kabi Blood Donor Hall of Fame!

Warren Pitcher is one of the most familiar faces you’ll see at LifeServe in Des Moines – which is saying something, since he’s not an employee! He’s a 16 gallon donor with more than 100 donations under his belt. Whether it’s red cells, platelets, or plasma, Warren is willing to give whatever product helps his O+ donation pack the most punch. In addition to taking his seat in the donor chair, Warren also chairs a community blood drive of his own and has done so for the past 25 years! It’s hard to compare apples and oranges, but what may be one of Warren’s most impressive contributions to the blood donation cause is the absolutely astounding amount of time he has volunteered for LifeServe. As a volunteer driver, Warren has spent more than 4,000 hours transporting blood products to hospitals and within our LifeServe network. His generous gift of time has saved LifeServe more than $95,000 in transportation fees!

Warren By the Numbers
Gallons Donated: 16
Lives Saved: 300+
Hours Driven: 4,000+
Dollars Saved: $95,000
Years as Chairperson: 25
Patients Impacted By His Drives: 3,500

We’re honored Warren has dedicated so much of his life, time, talents, and blood to LifeServe Blood Center!

Here’s the entire nomination:
LifeServe Blood Center is proud to nominate Warren Pitcher for the Fresenius Kabi Donation Hall of Fame. Blood donation has always been an important aspect of his life. Growing up he saw his father donate regularly and learned the importance through his direction. Today, Warren is a 16 gallon donor with over 100 donations given to LifeServe. With his O+ blood, he is always more than willing to donate whatever is needed at the time. He is well experienced with all types of donations from platelets, to plasma, to double red cells and whole blood!

Warren’s commitment to LifeServe soon carried over to more than just donating blood. For years, Warren helped run his church’s blood drive. But when the previous chairpeople needed to step down from running it, Warren stepped up. He has now been the primary chairperson for this church blood drive for over 25 years! During his time in this position, Warren has helped impact the lives of over 3,500 hospital patients.

Through all that experience, Warren was not done yet. In the year 2000, while attending a Volunteer Week Q&A panel on the Des Moines Area Community College campus, where he taught business and driver’s education for 17 years, he learned about the opportunity of being a volunteer driver. With his past experiences, he has always enjoyed his time in the car. And the ability to make his own schedule and get out of the house seemed like a great fit. Now he is one of the longest tenured volunteers at LifeServe and he has spent more than 4000 hours of driving! During this time Warren has been a very dependable and flexible driver. He often transports blood products to hospitals for transfusions, or to other LifeServe locations for processing and delivery. In this role alone, he has helped save LifeServe Blood Center over $95,000 during his tenure.

When we asked Warren what keeps him going after almost 20 years volunteering with LifeServe, his answer was simply, “I enjoy the people and giving back. I donate because I know the only way patients can receive blood is through someone donating. I enjoy volunteering because I can continue to give back between my donations, and I get restless.”

We at LifeServe are extremely grateful for Warren’s continued support and dedication to our organization. His commitment to our community’s blood supply has never wavered, and we recognize his efforts to ensure that blood products are always readily available for our local hospital patients.