Apheresis Day 2020!

Our Apheresis team (TPEX) is another lifesaving group of LifeServers you may not be familiar with!

Last week a young child was admitted to a local hospital for a sickle cell crisis and stroke. Our team performed an emergency red cell exchange, where healthy disc shaped red blood cells are given to a patient and the crescent moon shaped cells are removed. This is the youngest patient we have ever been able to assist!

We have been doing red cell exchanges for approximately six years now. Normally, we treat sickle cell patients preventatively, performing these red cell exchanges on a monthly basis. Prior to LifeServe beginning this program, patients had to travel to Iowa City or other hospitals out of state that offered this.

LifeServe’s TPEX team performs other lifesaving procedures that include:

Plasma Exchange – Treatment for certain autoimmune diseases, certain blood cancers, elevated triglycerides. We remove plasma only (carries antibodies attacking immune system or organs) and replace with healthy plasma. If we replace with plasma, a patient may receive up to 16 to 24 units a day depending on diagnosis and treatment protocol!

White Cell Reduction– Treatment of acute onset leukemia. Normal white blood cell levels are between 5 to 10,000. These patients can be as high as 800,000 or higher. We remove white blood cells only.

Platelet Reduction – Treatment for high platelets. Normal platelets between 150,000 to 450,000. These patients can be over 1,000,000 or higher. We remove platelets only.