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B+ Donor Joyfully Reaches 11 Gallon Mark

by Claire DeRoin

B+ feels like a very accurate blood type for Kunta Nyameba.

“They have a lot of fun here,” he answered with a grin when asked about his favorite part of donating with LifeServe Blood Center. “Everyone’s laughing. Everyone’s fun. Makes it easy.”

Regular donation appointments pushed Kunta past the 11 gallon mark. Depending on how many pints each patient received, it’s entirely possible that more than 200 people have received Kunta’s blood during their critical time of need!

“I would encourage other people to donate because if you were in an accident today and you needed blood,” Kunta explained, “you’ll want someone to have given the pint or 4-5 pints for you. When you donate, you’re able to assist someone else.”

Double red cell is his donation of choice. Since only 9% of the population shares his B+ blood type, Kunta understands how vital it is that he gives back to ensure hospital patients have access to his lifesaving blood type when it’s needed.

“I feel that people need our assistance. Therefore it’s a good thing to do, so I do it! I love to volunteer. I love to give.”

It all started with a simple flyer posted in his high school where he grew up in Wisconsin. “I was walking down the hallway and they had signs to give blood,” Kunta said. “You had to take some kind of form home for your parents to sign. My mother signed it and I’ve been donating since then. My son will turn 16 and he’ll start donating. We’ll make it a family tradition.”

In just a few more donations, Kunta will reach his 100th donation. He’s taking it humbly and with a smile. “No big deal. I am very grateful for LifeServe.”