Chair Spotlight – John in Grundy Center!

by Claire DeRoin

LifeServe Blood Center is incredibly grateful for each of our chairpeople and blood drive volunteers. Because of your work, hospital patients in our communities never have to go without the lifesaving blood transfusions they need.

Sometimes a chairperson takes their dedication to the next level and it shows! One example is John Kramer and the Grundy Center Lions Club blood drive, which takes place six times a year.

When John stepped up as chairperson of the Grundy Center Lions Club blood drive in 2012, the drive consistently saw around 25 blood donors. Not willing to accept that was the best Grundy Center could do, John got to work. The blood drive has since doubled in size!

LifeServe Territory Representative Jana Huegerich attributes the extreme growth and continued success of the drive to John’s efforts. “I think he gets the most success because of his future schedule and doing reminder calls,” Jana explained. “When he started, the drive collected around 25 blood products and was call center called. Now it’s community called and they are close to 50 units!”

The key to incredible results? A selfless, passionate chairperson! Thank you, John!