Reflections from a Memorial Drive

Charles City teen Logan Luft was just 15 years old when he was killed in an ATV accident. As an organ donor he saved five people that day, and his tissues went on to help as many as 50 others.

Logan’s family could have stopped there, but they decided to turn their grief into something amazing. They held a #LuftTuff blood drive in Charles City to honor and remember Logan and his giving spirit.

More than 100 community members came out and registered to donate to show their support for the Luft family.

After the drive Logan’s mother Wendy shared this moving thank you note.

“I am still overwhelmed with feeling this morning after our blood drive yesterday. I can honestly say that with all the events we have done, this by far was my favorite. I woke up this morning feeling so honored, so grateful, and so full of accomplishment. 

“Watching people I love give blood for the first time even though they were afraid, sharing stories with people who are giving because their family member have received, and celebrating with those who traveled to our drive for their regular donation made my day so special. 

“I was set on setting a goal to achieve a certain number of units, as that is just my competitive nature. Last night I laid in bed and reflected on the number of lives our total units will impact and I became completely overwhelmed with emotion. So, it completely hit me…it’s not just about the number of people we got through the door, it’s about every single wife, father, grandparent, or child that will continue to live and fight because someone was selfless enough give a little of their time and a little of their blood. 

“I will be a regular blood donor. I can’t wait until next year….we are going to save even more lives!

“Love, Wendy”