LifeServe Sends Blood South as Dorian Looms: More Donations Needed

One of LifeServe Blood Center’s goals is to make sure the community blood supply is strong enough that when other centers call for aid, LifeServe can answer. LifeServe has already sent blood to Florida ahead of Hurricane Dorian. We could be asked for more, but the Labor Day weekend and hurricane prep has deflated the local blood supply. We need your help.

LifeServe Blood Center is in immediate need of both blood and platelet donations for local hospital partners and in case blood centers in the path of the hurricane need additional support.

It’s LifeServe’s duty to help where we can. Our local hospital partners’ needs will be filled first, and if we’re able to collect enough blood, we will certainly send more blood south as it is called for. As we’ve seen with past hurricanes; evacuations, power outages, flooding, and storm clean up can keep local blood centers from collecting blood. Depending on the severity of the storm, these times of non-collection can last days or weeks. Unfortunately the need for blood in these areas won’t let up, even for a hurricane.

Please click here or call 800-287-4903 to book your lifesaving donation today. Donors who give blood this week are eligible for a special Labor Day themed shirt – available for a limited time in our online store!