Per CDC guidelines, LifeServe is requiring blood donors to wear masks to their appointments beginning May 11. Donors who do not have masks will be provided one at registration. Donors should also take their temperature before reporting to their appointment. A donor with a temperature of 99.5 or higher should reschedule. See a full list of our COVID-19 precautions here.

Give Red, Wear Pink is Personal for LifeServe

by Claire DeRoin

After donating a kidney, Des Moines LifeServer Alice realized she wanted to keep on giving. Blood donation was the perfect solution. She’s given every blood product a person can: whole blood, double reds, plasma, and platelets.

“I’ve enjoyed all of it,” Alice said with a smile.

Her favorite? 

“I loved plasma. Easy peasy,” Alice said. But she didn’t discriminate. Whatever was needed most during her donation, she happily gave. For an entire year, platelets were her go-to.

“One of the history takers who worked [at LifeServe] was a cancer victim and she told me how appreciative she was of platelet donors and that put a face to it. I have the time to give platelets. (It takes a little longer.)  My goal then was once a month in 2018, which was easy to do. You can give [platelets] more frequently than that, but I wasn’t out to be some superhero.”

Whether she’s willing to admit it or not, Alice is definitely a superhero. She has donated enough blood products to single-handedly save or enhance the lives of more than 200 local hospital patients. Alice had donated her entire body’s worth of blood time and time again! (Not all at the same time, of course.)

Besides donating, Alice also volunteers with LifeServe. She writes thank you notes for blood donors – up to 50 a week! She credits another volunteer for getting her started.

“I went to Capitol Square on Blood Donor Day and whoever was working in the canteen, I saw volunteer on her shirt and I asked her about it and she said ‘Oh, they treat me so well. They are so nice.’ Shortly after that I came up and talked to them and she was right!” Alice exclaimed. “It’s a great place to volunteer. They’re flexible. They’re appreciative.”

Alice immediately became passionate about her new role as a volunteer. In 2018, LifeServe nominated her and she was selected as the FUSE DSM Volunteer of the Year! She was honored at a ceremony and received an award for her dedication.

There’s nothing that can keep Alice from supporting the blood donation cause, not even breast cancer. Alice is currently undergoing treatment, and still volunteering. She says it’s because she’s seen the need for blood first hand and through volunteering and donating has learned just how important blood donations are to local hospitals.

“I try to imagine what it would be like to be a patient who needs blood and there’s none there,” Alice said. “I try to emphasize that to friends and family. They cannot make blood in a lab.”

This October, our fight against breast cancer is personal. That’s why LifeServe is teaming up with Susan G Komen for our Give Red, Wear Pink promotion. Our pink hat is just 200 points in the online store for the month of October.

Help us help patients like Alice keep battling toward wellness. She’s itching to get back to donating.