Per CDC guidelines, LifeServe is requiring blood donors to wear masks to their appointments beginning May 11. Donors who do not have masks will be provided one at registration. Donors should also take their temperature before reporting to their appointment. A donor with a temperature of 99.5 or higher should reschedule. See a full list of our COVID-19 precautions here.

Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Impact Eligibility

With flu season just around the corner, LifeServe Blood Center, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is encouraging blood donors to get the flu vaccine in order to stay healthy and well.

A common misconception is that receiving the flu shot will prevent a donor from giving blood. There is no extra deferral period after receiving the flu vaccine. As long as a donor is feeling healthy and well at the time of donation, they are able to give blood after receiving the shot.

“Winter’s hard enough for us with snowy weather and holidays keeping people from donating,” said Claire DeRoin, Community Relations Coordinator. “We don’t want to see a dip in donations because everyone’s sick!”

The safety of our donors and the community blood supply is our top priority. If you’re feeling unwell, we’ll be more than happy to reschedule your donation appointment.

Questions? Visit the CDC’s FAQ’s here, or reach out to us.