Quick Pass is Coming!

We know you’re busy. We appreciate the time you take to roll up a sleeve and donate. As much as we enjoy seeing you, we know you don’t want to spend more time with us than necessary! That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Quick Pass is coming!

You asked for it and we’re working hard to make it happen. Beginning in 2019, LifeServers will have the option to fill out the pre-donation health questionnaire at home, work, on their phone, or wherever 24 hours ahead of their blood donation!

“It’s like when you get a quick pass at Disney. No lines!” explained Director of Donor Services Anjeanette Barto. Donors will simply fill out the personal health questionnaire ahead of time and bring in the receipt of completion, skipping right to the mini-checkup part of screening. “It’ll be very sleek,” Barto added. 

This change comes as we implement a new and improved organization wide computer system that will provide us many more benefits than we have today. LifeServe is constantly investing in the newest technology available to improve the blood donation process for blood donors, team members and hospital partners. The safety of the community blood supply is one of our top priorities and this new computer system will bring us the most updated technology in tracing and tracking blood from donor to patient.  “It’s cutting edge,” Barto explained. “All of our departments will be completely connected through this new system.”

 Stay tuned for new information as we near the launch date!