Holiday Heroes Needed


We love the holiday season like everyone else, but it often puts us (and our hospital partners) in a bad spot. Holiday traditions and baking, Christmas present shopping, and winter travel takes up a lot of our LifeServers’ time! Unfortunately that means a dip in donations and less blood on the shelf for the hospital patients waiting for that lifesaving blood transfusion.

Please give one more gift this holiday season. Roll up your sleeve, give the gift of life and be a true Holiday Hero!

Generous blood donors receive online store points with every donation. This month you can order our special edition holiday socks for just 200 points! Donate at your local donor center or mobile blood drive as soon as you can. Click here to find our nearest mobile blood drives and Donor Centers or call us at 800-287-4903 to make your lifesaving appointment today.

Thank you for being a lifesaving blood donor!