Be a Holiday Hero This Winter!

It’s something we experience every year: a drastic drop in donations during the winter. There are a number of factors working against our goal of a stable blood supply: holiday traditions and travel, flu season, snowbirds flying south during the cold months, and unpredictable Midwestern winter weather. With this perfect storm of busy schedules and hindrances, our LifeServers often push their blood donation appointments to the back burner.

“We certainly understand that people are busy during the holidays and would prefer to stay in when it’s snowy out, but those in the hospital don’t get the luxury of putting off their need for blood or scheduling their medical crisis,” said Claire DeRoin, Community Relations Coordinator.

While we may have a steady supply one day, a blizzard could strike the next week, leaving us with bare shelves. Please make a point to donate blood this winter! We might predict a dip in donations, but no one can predict when the need for lifesaving blood will strike.