Responding to Disaster

When two hurricanes – Harvey and Irma – struck the southern United States just a week apart in September 2017, LifeServe Blood Center sprang into action. The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Interorganizational Task Force on Domestic Disasters and Acts of Terrorism mobilized blood centers across America, seeking extra blood for blood centers in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida that were unable to see donors due to flooding and evacuations. LifeServe packaged up 50 units of blood products and sent them to Texas to assist with their need. When Hurricane Irma took a turn for Florida just days later, we sent 100 units of blood down ahead of the storm.
It shouldn’t take a disaster to donate blood. It takes time to screen and process donations, so in the case of emergencies and catastrophes, the blood that helps victims is already on the shelf and has been screened, processed, and transported to hospitals.

Make your appointment today to ensure our blood supply is healthy enough to respond to any call for help LifeServe might receive!